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Addiction Treatment Scarborough

Greetings from Sheppard Medical Pharmacy. We understand that if you’re reading this, you’re either in a lot of pain or concerned about a close family member fighting addiction. Our professional and loving care team members at addiction treatment Scarborough center have undergone extensive training to assist you in achieving your specific recovery goals.

At our drug addiction treatment Scarborough center, we put a lot of emphasis on methadone and suboxone maintenance therapies. We are also skilled in managing and treating chemical dependence on substances such as nicotine, alcohol, opioids, and cigarettes.

addiction treatment Scarborough

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Best Addiction Treatment in Scarborough, ON

Scarborough is experiencing an increase in drug and alcohol addiction. You’re reading this because you’re at your wits’ end, and the only thing left to do is confront your addiction. Or maybe you’re a family member and must watch someone you care about struggle with addiction. You may start the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation with the aid of our drug addiction treatment Scarborough Center.

Our addiction recovery clinic offers top-notch comforts together with knowledgeable and sympathetic assistance. You’ll start the life-changing process of detoxifying, cleaning, and healing from your risky addictions as soon as you enter our doors.

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What is an Addiction Treatment?

The first step toward treatment is frequently admitting that they are struggling with drug addiction. The next stage is to identify a treatment program that can restore their general health, happiness, and well-being after they have admitted they need help.

Between inpatient residential and outpatient programs, there are various treatment choices accessible, so it’s critical to first determine what degree of care is required. Most of the patients could discover that beginning in an outpatient setting, provided there are no withdrawal issues, is just as helpful as beginning in an inpatient facility.


addition treatment
Treatments for Addition

What are Addiction Treatments in Scarborough?

The drug addiction treatment program is customized for each patient and can be changed to meet their needs and circumstances. A unique plan of treatment for addiction will be created for you based on your discussions with our skilled drug addiction treatment specialists and might involve any of the following:

  • Detoxification
  • Home Sober Living
  • Interventions
  • Intensive Care
  • Outpatient Rehab

You receive support from various therapies and treatments at the drug addiction clinic in Scarborough at every stage of the rehabilitation process.


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Scarborough

Every day, our team of professional experts, addiction treatment specialists, and psychotherapists works together to identify and treat each client’s specific mental health requirements. People may learn to feel good about themselves, get over their addictions, and put themselves on the path to a fulfilling life at an addiction rehab center in Scarborough. If you think you or a loved one needs assistance with an addictive disorder, please call or email us.

addiction treatment Scarborough ON

What Is Opioid Use Disorder?

Essential painkillers include opioids such as morphine, hydromorphone, oxycodone, and fentanyl. OUD is using these drugs to interfere with your ability to live the life you want. When these drugs are abused and hurt you, then OUD results. Even if symptoms are not noticeable immediately, using opioids without a doctor’s prescription can still be dangerous.

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Lowered heartbeat.
  • Coma

For opioid treatment for managing OUD, get in touch with our certified practitioner in opioid use disorders at our addiction center in Scarborough.

addiction treatment Scarborough ON
substance abuse

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Use

People who struggle with substance misuse can develop highly adept concealment skills. It can be difficult to detect when someone may have an opioid addiction problem, especially if they first used prescription medicines for therapeutic purposes. The following warning signs, however, may be indicators:

  • Running out of prescription prescriptions sooner than expected and needing to acquire refills from the doctor regularly.
  • Having the desire to stop and making numerous unsuccessful attempts to do so.
  • Seeing many physicians obtain various prescriptions.
  • Obtaining prescription drugs from others and stealing them.
  • Feeling uncomfortable, depressed, or angry when painkillers are hard to get.
  • Putting so much effort, money, and time into getting and using opioids that relationships with loved ones suffer.

If any of these statements apply to you or someone you know, it might be time to consult a specialist at our drug addiction clinic in Scarborough.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is an illness that affects a person’s brain and behavior and causes them to lose control over whether or not they take pharmaceuticals or medications, whether legal or illegal. Alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine are examples of substances that are regarded as drugs. If you become addicted, you might continue using the drug even if it is dangerous.

addiction treatment in Scarborough Ontario

Suboxone vs. Methadone treatment

Opioid use disorder can be treated with methadone and Suboxone. Both medications attach to opioid receptors, but Suboxone has an additional substance to prevent overuse.

Due to its ease of use, suboxone treatment Scarborough can be started without a doctor’s supervision. Most doctors can prescribe it whether the patient is enrolled in or out of a specialized drug addiction treatment. It is more expensive than methadone and less effective in preventing opioid relapses than methadone.

It is also less complicated to use methadone treatment Scarborough in an adjustable dosage. Flexible and take-home dosages may make it easier for patients to stick to their treatment plan and avoid relapse.


addiction treatment in Scarborough Ontario
best addiction treatment in Scarborough

How does Sheppard Addiction Clinic Work?

Our staff of therapists, drug abuse specialists, and addiction counselors have assisted several individuals in recovering from opioid addiction. After the inpatient program is finished, they continue to help people as they go through each recovery step.

The following are some of the various options in our best drug addiction treatment in Scarborough:

1. Patient intake, evaluation, and detox are all included in admissions
2. Hospitalization
3. Different therapy degrees are included in the intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).
4. Planning Your Post-Treatment Life
5. Discharge
6. Maintenance
7. Alumnus Engagement

Best Addiction Treatment Near Me

An inpatient institution for the treatment of opioid addiction is called Sheppard Medical Pharmacy Store. The environment is supportive, cheery, and judgment-free; the goal is long-term healing. We use a holistic philosophy that considers each person’s spiritual, social, and cultural requirements. Every treatment program is unique to each client’s requirements and situation, and we also ensure that loved ones are supported.

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Why Choose Sheppard Medical Pharmacy?

Here are the reasons why people choose us for addiction treatment in Scarborough.

  • Rapid and Unhindered Access: We provide a same-day program starting at our outpatient disorder treatment facilities without an appointment.
  • Safe, Warm, and Welcoming: Our care professionals are dedicated to fostering a welcoming, accepting, and respectful atmosphere for everyone.
  • Holistic Strategy: Our programs address a person’s whole needs, not just their addiction.
  • Evidence-based: Our clinical teams are leaders in their fields and employ cutting-edge therapeutic techniques.

Sheppard Medical Pharmacy provides thorough and kind addiction treatment services in the Scarborough region. Our devoted group of skilled specialists is dedicated to assisting people in overcoming substance abuse and regaining control over their life.

Contact Us at 416-474-3983 for more information about our addiction treatment Scarborough services, or use the form to book an appointment.


What is Opioids Disorder?

Opioid use disorder (OUD) might entail abusing legally obtained heroin, abusing diverted opioid drugs, or illegally obtaining opioid prescriptions. OUD is often a relapsing, chronic condition with elevated morbidity and death rates. Opioid treatment is to be taken to recover from OUD.

What are My Addiction Treatment Options?

Many people find that admitting they have a problem with drug dependency is the first step toward recovery. The next step is finding a therapy program to aid in regaining their general health, happiness, and well-being.

A person has a wide range of therapy alternatives to pick from. For instance, some individuals with severe addictions begin with a detoxification program before moving on to treatment. Some people may start their healing process at an inpatient or outpatient facility.

What is the most popular treatment for addiction?

According to American Addiction Centers, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a successful approach to treating a variety of addictions, including but not limited to addiction to food, alcohol, and prescription drugs.

How effective is CBT for addiction?

For those struggling with addiction and substance misuse, CBT may be helpful. This type of therapy focuses on altering ideas and attitudes, which may aid in altering the actions resulting from substance use. CBT can be used either on its own or alongside other treatments.

How can I Join Your Addiction Treatment Program?

Call our number anytime to enroll yourself or your loved one at our addiction clinic Scarborough for the drug addiction treatment program. One phone call is all it takes to begin your new life in recovery.