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Suboxone Treatment Scarborough

Our Suboxone treatment Scarborough, offers individualized addiction treatment in ON to people and families abusing alcohol and other drugs. On the path to recovery, we want to assist people in taking back control of their life.

A holistic addiction management program at Sheppard Medical Pharmacy Clinic offers Suboxone therapy. This patient-friendly program has assisted several patients in getting their lives back on track through its clinic location and telemedicine capabilities. Utilizing the knowledge of doctors, counselors, pharmacists, and neighborhood outreach programs, our team of healthcare specialists at Suboxone treatment Scarborough, will evaluate and create individualized treatment plans.

We at Suboxone treatment Scarborough, provide friendly and quick services. Do a quick web search with the keywords “best pharmacy store near me” to contact us. You can book an appointment by calling us at (416) 474-3983.

suboxone treatment Scarborough
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Suboxone Addiction Treatment in Scarborough, ON

Are you looking for a rehab facility to assist you or a loved one in starting a new life? You may count on addiction treatment clinics to assist you in achieving a full recovery. Methadone and Suboxone maintenance treatments are our areas of expertise at our Suboxone Treatment Scarborough facility. We have further knowledge in managing and treating chemical addictions, such as those to nicotine, alcohol, opiates, and cigarettes.

Even if you miss your appointment, our Suboxone clinic is available seven days a week with a team of specialists to ensure your treatment is not interrupted. At our Suboxone Treatment Scarborough facility, we provide physicians’ and pharmacists’ services every day of the week and throughout the whole year. We provide Suboxone addiction treatment for your convenience. You can depend on us to support you as you journey to recovery.

To make an appointment, contact us.

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What is Suboxone?

The brand name for the drug combination Buprenorphine/Naloxone used to treat opioid dependency is Suboxone. It was a big breakthrough because Methadone entered the market in the 1960s. Due to its many benefits over Methadone, Suboxone has swiftly emerged as the preferred therapy for many patients.

What is Suboxone Addiction Treatment?

A strategy for assisting patients in overcoming opioid dependence is the Suboxone addiction treatment program. In addition to doctor visits, urine tests, and a daily oral dosage of Suboxone or a generic equivalent, this treatment aids patients in restraining their temptation to use drugs. These cravings lessen with time, and patients can be honest. The gold standard in treating opioid dependence remains the Suboxone treatment regimen.

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How to Treat OPIOID Use Disorder?

The most effective medications for treating opioid dependency are either long-acting opioids or those that function just partially, like Suboxone. The option relies on the patient’s preferences and clinical variables, but both approaches lessen cravings and have the same result.

Suboxone Abuse Symptom?

Although it is common for people to deny their addictions, there are certain telltale indicators that you or a loved one may be becoming dependent on Suboxone:

  • Suboxone is used with alcohol or other prescription medicines.
  • Using more Suboxone than is recommended by a doctor.
  • Tries to obtain additional prescriptions from physicians or other sources.
  • Skipping doses so that you can take more at once to feel better.
  • Withdrawal from or disregard for other obligations brought on by a Suboxone obsession.

Please contact our Suboxone Treatment Scarborough facility if you have questions about our Suboxone Treatment Program.

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How to Get Suboxone Treatment?

Contact our Suboxone treatment Scarborough team by phone, email, or through the website if you’re seeking Suboxone therapy. A physician telemedicine visit follows an initial assessment. Once treatment has begun, you could be qualified for a suboxone home treatment program that cuts back on or does away with clinic visits.

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Why Choose Us?

The addiction treatment programs offered by Sheppard Medical Pharmacy are effective and have the power to transform a person’s life for the better. Consider the following while choosing us for addiction treatment.

  • Effective Care with Validated Results: Client testimonials attest to the outstanding caliber of our treatment center, program, and care.
  • Personalized Approach to Addiction Treatment: The treatment plan we implement for each client’s long-term and inpatient rehabilitation is based on their needs, which is critical to successful addiction treatment.
  • Wide Range of Therapy Options: We assist our residents in finding the best answers to their requirements by exposing them to a wide range of therapy programs, strategies, and modalities.
  • Top-Level Staff: We take pleasure in hand-selecting top-tier specialists to offer efficient addiction treatment.
  • Holistic Approach: Our patients may change their thoughts, develop healthy behaviors, and pinpoint specific problems preventing them from developing personally through holistic therapy.
  • 24/7 Personalized Care: Our team of experts can offer 24/7 on-site care to our clients and guarantee recovery is attained and sustained thanks to a staff-to-client ratio of 3:1.
  • Following-up Program: We provide a free, one-year aftercare program because we recognize that getting addiction assistance goes beyond the residential treatment program.
  • Inclusion of Loved Ones in Program: We provide a free family program since family is crucial to recovering from addiction.
  • Continuous Care: We provide interventions, on-site detox assistance, inpatient addiction treatment, a family program, and aftercare.

Additionally, you may look us up online by typing in “best pharmacy store near me” to learn more about our various addiction therapies like Methadone treatment Scarborough.

Call us at (416) 474-3983 for more details on our Suboxone Treatment in Scarborough, or fill out the form to book an appointment.

Suboxone Treatment FAQs

When can I take Suboxone?

Suboxone can be taken whenever you want during the day. The medication should be kept under the tongue so that it can be dissolved and enter your bloodstream. Swallowing the medication makes the medication ineffective.

Where to find a Suboxone addiction center?

Given that not all clinics provide Suboxone therapy, it is advisable to call your clinic to find out if they give this program. Additionally, confirm that their hours of operation work with your schedule to boost your chances of success and help you adhere to your therapy.

What are the side effects and risks of Suboxone?

Suboxone has few side effects, but those brought on by this treatment are primarily symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Sweating, restlessness, joint discomfort, and nausea are among the signs in this category that go away within a few days or weeks once the Suboxone dose is modified to meet the individual patient’s requirements.

How much does Suboxone treatment cost?

Depending on your drug insurance, the typical cost of Suboxone treatment ranges from $0 to $10 per day. If you have any inquiries concerning your coverage, kindly contact us.

Can I use Suboxone during pregnancy?

There is evidence that Suboxone is safe during pregnancy. Babies born to moms who take this medicine may experience withdrawal, although this is considerably safer than an abrupt withdrawal or continuing to use opioids.