Opioids Treatment Scarborough

The primary function of opioids, which block pain signals in the brain and spinal cord, is to treat acute pain brought on by illness, injury, or surgery. They occasionally work in conjunction with other therapy to alleviate chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain should only be given safe doses if they improve function and accomplish practical objectives.

Opioids, however, carry significant hazards and are ineffective at treating chronic pain. Only a small body of research supports their use. Therefore, collaborating with a healthcare professional is critical to ensure safe and efficient opioid use. Opioids Treatment Scarborough is available for this.

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opioid treatment Scarborough
opioid addiction treatment Scarborough

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Scarborough, ON

Opioids are potent medications meant to relieve severe pain but can also cause addiction when taken as directed. Opioids purchased illegally or prescribed drugs can both be abused. The significant hazards associated with heroin, a widespread street opiate, include the transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C, skin infections, and overdoses.

Most fentanyl sold on the street in Canada is generated illegally as a powder and is increasingly present in street narcotics like heroin and cocaine. Fentanyl is a 100 times more potent opioid than morphine. People frequently overdose because they are unaware that their prescription is fentanyl-contaminated.

A free naloxone kit is a brilliant idea if you or someone you know uses opioids since it can momentarily reverse the effects of an overdose, give people time to get help, and reach out to opioid addiction treatment Scarborough.

What is Opioid?

Opioids are a class of medications made from chemicals or poppy plants. Illegal substances like heroin and legally obtainable prescription medicines like Percocet and morphine are among the substances that cause euphoria. Opioid dependence can be either physical or mental. Although this is typically the case, it isn’t always. For instance, via prolonged medicinal usage of morphine, cancer patients frequently develop physical dependencies on it but not psychological dependencies.

opioid symptoms

Opioid Signs & Symptoms

Opioid addiction is characterized by signs, symptoms, and behaviors that indicate a person’s physical and psychological dependence on the substance. These include

  • Prolonged use
  • Withdrawal attempts
  • Excessive spending on recovery,
  • Cravings
  • Failure to fulfill responsibilities
  • Continuing opioid use despite adverse social consequences
  • Giving up enjoyable activities
  • Using opioids in dangerous situations
  • Needing more opioids to achieve the same effect
  • Feeling ill when service stops
  • Using opioids in hazardous conditions
  • Running out of prescription medications early
  • Relying on multiple sources
  • Showing signs of intoxication

Opioid addiction also involves psychological dependence, where the drug becomes central to a person’s life, making the need to continue using a craving or compulsion, even if the person knows it is harmful. Cravings and increasing tolerance can lead to buying drugs on the street or seeking multiple doctors to obtain the same prescription. This can negatively impact relationships, family, and friends and neglect responsibilities and you might need opioids treatment, Scarborough.

Facing symptoms concerning opioids or need opioids treatment Scarborough? Contact us at Sheppard Pharmacy.

opioid risk factors

Causes & Risk Factors

Physical and psychological issues combine to lead to opioid addiction. They consist of:

  • Opioids are available, whether from legitimate or illicit sources.
  • Opioid tolerance on a physical level.
  • The need to use more.
  • Obsessive behavior.
  • Signs of withdrawal.

The following are risk factors for developing opioid addiction:

  • Any substance, including alcohol, and a history of substance use disorders.
  • Family history of addiction or substance abuse.
  • History of pre-adolescent sexual abuse.
  • History of mental health issues.
opioid maintenance therapy Scarborough

Opioids Maintenance Therapy

There are two primary forms of treatment for opioid addiction:

Opioids maintenance therapy uses buprenorphine or methadone addiction counseling (such as withdrawal management, day treatment, and support groups like Narcotics Anonymous).

When used as prescribed, the opioid drugs methadone and buprenorphine do not result in drunkenness. They erase a person’s withdrawal symptoms when prescribed, which may help them regain control of their lives. Treatments for opioid addiction typically combine opioid agonist medications with counseling for addiction.

opioid symptoms

How do I know if I should get opioid addiction treatment?

Since people with substance abuse issues frequently hide their addictions, it can be challenging to tell when someone may be addicted to opioids.

  • Running out of prescription painkillers
  • Frequent doctor visits
  • Vain attempts to quit
  • Multiple prescription visits
  • Stealing prescription medications
  • Feeling ill or angry
  • Exorbitant amounts of time, effort, and money spent on opioids

These are all warning flags. It might be time to get professional help for opioid addiction if these symptoms are present. If you or someone you love is in danger of developing an opioid addiction, it is critical to notice these warning signs and get expert assistance for opioid treatment Scarborough.

Where can I get help?

You can search for opioid addiction treatment near me to get a list of all the service providers. Inpatient treatment for opioid addiction is provided at Sheppard Medical Pharmacy Clinic in Toronto too. The atmosphere is encouraging, upbeat, and judgment-free; long-term healing is the aim. We use a holistic philosophy that considers each person’s spiritual, social, and cultural needs. Every treatment program is unique to each client’s needs and situation, and we also ensure that loved ones are supported.

Why Choose Sheppard Medical Pharmacy Clinic for Opioids Treatment in Scarborough?

Our opioid clinic Scarborough and a team of therapists, drug abuse specialists, and addiction counselors have successfully assisted numerous clients’ opioid addiction recoveries. They assist people at every stage of their rehabilitation and continue to help them after the inpatient program.

Detoxification under medical supervision, individual, family, and group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, education in continuity management, yoga, and meditation therapy, life management programs, instruction in physical fitness and nutrition, relapse prevention education, leisure activities, and aftercare are all available as forms of treatment. Contact us to book an appointment.