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Blister Packaging Scarborough

What is Blister Packaging?

It is a unique type of packaging that resembles a blister. There is a striking resemblance between the two. A bubble protrudes from a flat surface. The product is inside the bubble.

Blister packs Scarborough are a type of carded packaging. A variety of products, including fishing lures, tools, and pharmaceuticals, are packaged in blister packs Scarborough, which are similar to skin packs. The main component of a blister pack Scarborough is a thermoformed plastic sheet (such as PVC, PET, PETG, etc.).

Sheppard Pharmacists help you manage your complicated medication schedule by utilizing our professional blister packaging services in Scarborough. Contact us today to book an appointment.

blister packaging Scarborough
blister packs Scarborough

Types of Blister Packs Scarborough

The type of blister packaging Scarborough used depends on the product requirements. However, the most common types of blister packaging Scarborough found at pharmacy stores Scarborough are as follows:

  • Face seal blister

As blister packaging Scarborough is fairly inexpensive, it is most commonly used for products produced in large quantities. A blister is molded around a product and heat-sealed to a cardboard backing.

  • Full-face seal blister

Besides the product, the blister also encloses the card backing. Therefore, using blister packaging services Scarborough makes the packaging more durable (the corners are less likely to bend, for instance) and more appealing.

  • Full card blister

Unlike the full-face seal blister, the blister is not heat-sealed to the card but has flanges encircling it. In some cases, however, the card is stapled in place after it has been slid into position.

  • Trapped blister

In the blister where the product sits, the top card piece is die-cut to fit. Hence, it is cheaper to produce this type of blister packaging in Scarborough than those that use heat-sealing methods.

  • Clamshell

This Blister packaging consists of two sides that fold together to form a closed container. Clamshell packaging has a plastic back. Therefore, the contents can be clearly seen without distortion and allow pharmacy stores in Scarborough to observe the markings on individual medication doses.

blister packaging services Scarborough

Blister Packaging services in Scarborough

We offer a variety of packaging services, including pharmaceutical blister packaging, sustainable cosmetic packaging, vacuum-formed trays, ESD-safe electronics packaging, and contract manufacturing. You can rely on Sheppard Medical Pharmacy for industry expertise, flexibility, and unparalleled responsiveness. We offer unmatched customer service and fulfill production demands quickly and cost-effectively.

Almost any style and configuration of blister packaging is available at Sheppard Medical Pharmacy. Additionally, we provide a range of blister packing methods, to suit your product or market:

  • Clam Shells
  • Trapped Blister Packs
  • Single Card Blister Packs
  • Heat Sealed Blisters
blister packing services Scarborough

Benefits and Uses of Blister Packaging Services Scarborough

  • Packaging:

Blister packaging Scarborough helps the product speak for itself; it easily catches the eye of consumers. Hence, the visual impact of blister packs is usually much greater than that of boxed products.

  • Protection:

Blister packs protect the product from damage and keep it clean. In addition, they reveal tampering (unlike a box, which someone can open and close without it showing).

  • Harder to steal:

Due to their unusual shapes, blister packs, such as clam packs, are more difficult to conceal by shoplifters. As a result, this appeals to a number of supermarket chains today since shoplifting is a common problem.

  • Lightweight:

When packaged in blisters or clams, the weight is extremely low, which can lower the cost of transportation.

  • Easily recyclable:

Plastic packaging, particularly for clams, is very easy to recycle.

  • Medication Routine:

A little pocket for each tablet or pill allows marking with a number or by day. Additionally, this helps people keep track of how many pills they’ve taken.

HCM Pharmacy blister packaging services

Why Choose Us

Blister packaging services Scarborough, Sheppard Medical Pharmacy provides include an advanced blister line that can package multi-product blisters and multi-product cartons, including PVC blisters and child-resistant formats.

We continue to invest in the latest technologies and ensure that blister packaging options are available in a timely manner. Additionally, our business partners have always relied on our personalized service and operational excellence to handle the unique complexities of packaging – and blister packaging is no different.

  • Tailor-made Solutions

Sheppard Medical Pharmacy blister packaging service offers tailored solutions for every individual customer.

  • Safe and secure

Also, we offer a secure serialization platform compliant with international standards for blister packaging Scarborough.

  • Environment Consciousness

As part of our commitment to providing environmentally friendly packaging, we also focus heavily on environmental issues.

  • Delivery and Quality Assurance

We are able to handle fluctuating demand with on-time and in-full deliveries. Hence, our customers have trusted us for over a decade.

  • Adaptable Capacity

With our equipment and assets, we can make changes quickly, whether we’re redesigning a product line or implementing a new sampling program.


What are Medication Blister Packs?

Medication Blister Packs Scarborough contain doses of medication within small, amber-colored plastic bubbles (or blister packs). To administer a dose of medication, caregivers or patients simply push blisters of pills through foil backings to deliver an accurate dose.

How are Medication Blister Pack doses organized?

Blister packs of medications can be arranged according to the day and time of day, such as morning/noon/evening/bedtime. Additionally, there are several single-dose and multi-dose options available.

What are other names for Medication Blister Pack?

A Medication Blister Card, a Blister Pack, a Pill Card, a Bubble Pack, or a Medication Bingo Card are some common names for the Medication Blister Pack. Rest assured we speak the language of medication packaging. Regardless of how you refer to these easy-to-use medication cards, we’re here to help.

How does Sheppard Medical Pharmacy know so much about Medication Blister Packs?

For over a decade, we’ve been supplying pharmacies near you with medication blister packaging. We lead the industry in producing high-quality, economical, and secure Medication Blister Packs.

What is the cost of Blister Packaging?

As blister packaging Scarborough offers higher packaging speeds and lower costs, it makes sense to consider it as a more cost-effective solution. In addition, Blister packs eliminate the need for extra cartons, which reduces packaging costs.